Congrats Super Thunder for creating this cool blog!  You did a great job with the graphics, it’s very cool-looking!  😉 

Brave Tomato (whom I’m assuming is BT) made an easy-to-follow, humorous walkthrough on Shrink Ray island, one of the first I’ve seen.

I’d like to congratulate BT for making on of the first Shrink Ray guides by adding a link to her site on our sidebar.  😀  Find it under “Blogroll”.  Yayyyy!!!

About strangecrumb

haiiii! :3 I'm Strangecrumb...a 12-year-old fangirl (current obsessions: TomSka, Eddsworld, and Smosh :D) author, artist, and overall freak. I don't have time to update most of mah blogs because of school and stuff.....don't expect new posts regularly. But I do appreciate comments!! I will reply to any comments you make. Cheerio -- --Strange

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