Yes, yes, I know how excited you’re about this new site!
What the…why are you yawning?!! That’s not polite!!

Oh, well. Just have fun browsing our lists of websites (and other stuff!! You never know…) I hope that this blog will help you on your quest to conquer the world. Or at least the internet world. 😉

Strange Crumb: my first out of 5 poptropicans!

About strangecrumb

haiiii! :3 I'm Strangecrumb...a 12-year-old fangirl (current obsessions: TomSka, Eddsworld, and Smosh :D) author, artist, and overall freak. I don't have time to update most of mah blogs because of school and stuff.....don't expect new posts regularly. But I do appreciate comments!! I will reply to any comments you make. Cheerio -- --Strange

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