According to the creators, everything in the freight car of mystery train island has come from a different island.  Can you guess which ones?

Well, I bet I could if I actually sat my butt down and tried, but I’m just too lazy.  😛  Tehe.  Did you guess right?  We’re about to find out soon!  Captain Crawfish has promised to reveal the answers this week, so stay tuned.

Zapping out

~Strangecrumb 😉

About strangecrumb

haiiii! :3 I'm Strangecrumb...a 12-year-old fangirl (current obsessions: TomSka, Eddsworld, and Smosh :D) author, artist, and overall freak. I don't have time to update most of mah blogs because of school and stuff.....don't expect new posts regularly. But I do appreciate comments!! I will reply to any comments you make. Cheerio -- --Strange

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  1. strangecrumb says:

    Wait a second…did I spell “shenanigans” right?

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